Top Supplements used by Professional Football Players

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Top Supplements used by Professional Football Players

NFL players are one of the strongest and most powerful players in the world. They have big and ripped muscles and overall strong physique. People admire them not only for their talent in the playing field but also because of how good they take care of their bodies. They are indeed good role models for aspiring athletes and for those people who want to improve their shape and built. Well, there is actually no secret to how NFL athletes achieve their state – they follow strict diet, workout regularly, and they drink their supplements (healthy supplements).

For every athlete, the primary source of fuel, recovery, and performance comes from a nutritious strict diet and training. Healthy supplements are used to "supplement" what isn't getting taken care of within a whole food diet or help with specific needs of an athlete. 

Important note to know, you should always be aware of banned substances within amateur and professional sports. When looking for a trusted brand you will want to search out companies that do 3rd party testing, full label transparency, full therapeutic dosing, no proprietary blends, no fillers, no additives. 

Top Supplements 

  1. Protein – if you are trying to increase your weight and build muscles then protein must be your friend. Most guys in the gym drink protein shake. This is for the reason that protein carries out nutrients in the body quickly. This is just a food in a liquid form. However, would you rather eat chicken breast while working out in the gym than drink protein shake? Of course, drinking protein shake is the way to go. Protein is the base among the base supplements essential for bodybuilding. Football players drink protein shake pre and post workout and games. Click here for options
  2. Fish oil – this is another base supplement for football players and all other athletes. Fish oil is good for the heart. It keeps the heart condition steady and healthy. Of course, heart is very important when doing physical sports. You do not want it to get tired while doing strenuous activities especially lifting weights and running for hours. Fish oil will help you keep your heart healthy. Click here for options
  3. Creatine this supplement is essential for stimulating muscle growth. It also increases the strength of these athletes. This is most useful for athletes who are trying to move to bigger weight category. Creatine is  available for those who want to develop bigger muscles. Click Here
  4. Vitamin C – it is not good to get sick. Athletes do their best to stay away from getting sick and weak thus taking vitamin C is very important. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Multivitamins and mineral – this is another essential supplement that you should include in your daily routine. Taking multivitamins and mineral allows you to perform at your best and ensures that every system and organs in your body is functioning well. Click here


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