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If your doing low carb or keto or jus trying to enjoy low calories meals while still feeling full and enjoying tasty food this recipe is a must try! Add sides for the family and everyone can enjoy.

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Use this shake for a recovery, increase protein synthesis, snack or your morning breakfast. Low Calorie, tastes like a treat, quick and easy to make.

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Don't like greens? You won't even taste them in this beautiful green protein shake. Loaded in vitamins and so tasty. Light and refreshing, great for summer days and packs powerful 31 grams of protein. Muscle Supplements Protein Bar inspired this amazing concoction. If you live close to Hefner & Rockwell in OKC, you will want to go grab one on the go!

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The Best Breakfast for Building Muscle 

Easy 3 minute Loaded Shake

Start your day with solid foundation, including your vitamins and collagen. This is ideal for people over 170 lbs wanting to gain muscle. 

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