Full Core Burner for Full Maximum Results 🔥

Full Core Burner for Full Maximum Results 🔥

Full Core Burner                       


Author: Jamie Weems

Athlete, Fitness & Health Specialist, Trainer, and Fitness Model


"My name is Jamie Weems. I have been a health and Fitness Specialist in Oklahoma for over 8 years. I am Nasm and ACE Certified Fitness coach. As well as, accompanied with various certifications. Those include Womens weight loss management, Athletic Performance, Strength, and Nutrition. I am a former athlete and still get the same excitement and adrenaline with moving my body, Challenging myself daily and getting to transition that love into a career is truly a dream come true!

My Health and fitness Brand is called WeemsWellness. I Specialize in Women's Health and Fitness. I offer in session Personal training along with Online Health Coaching with a revolutionary training app.


My Mission is to Create a manageable Healthier Lifestyle for all women from the Athlete building her Empire to The Working Mom Gaining Back Her Healthy Life. Building Self Confidence While Creating Wellness Inside and Out. "


Alter Toe Taps

Start in a prone position (face down) Full extension like The starting position of a push up. Start the movement by reaching opposite hand to opposite foot. As you start your reach make sure you engage and squeeze your core muscles, exhale and relax when back in starting position. Repeat to the other side as you continue altering through. Click Here


Contralateral Toe Reaches

Start in a supine position (Lying Face up towards the ceiling) Raise Hands Superior to head while still in a rested state on the floor. As you begin the movement raise one arm above reaching to the opposite leg as it raises and meets your hands. Squeeze Abdominal muscles on the movement and relax exhale before repeating the same movement with the opposite side. Click Here


Dynamic Russian Twists

Start in a seated position with the weight on the outside of your hip. As you start the movement Twist your core and bring the weight from one side to the opposite as your raise it from night to low. Bring the weight superior to the opposite side that it started. Bring the weight back to original starting point. Repeat the same motion and then do the same movements to the opposite side to create balance. Click Here

Super Crunch

Start in a supine position (lying back to floor facing the ceiling) Have your arms in full extension superior to your head, rested on the floor. As your begin your movement Squeeze core muscles and raise your arms and legs off the ground. You will end in the hollow rock position, making sure your shoulders and legs are off the ground, core muscles engaged, and release as you exhale into starting position. Click Here

Leg Lift to Knee Grabs

Starting in a supine position. Arms superior to your head resting on the ground. First to start the movement raise your leg off the ground, as you drop them in control back to the ground bring your arms to your knees and squeeze them to your chest and bring your body back to a lying position as your exhale and relax your muscles. Click Here



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