Better Bodies


In true New York Style Rockaway Leggings are lightweight, seamless and gives you that free feeling that you can only get when summer hits and the wind is warm. This high waist really accentuates and highlights your natural curves and gives you that barely there feeling. 

Hamilton Tank

Hamilton is the tank you been waiting for- soft, flexible, seamless and good looking. The cut around the shoulder allows you to move freely during your workout- lifting weights or running. Hamilton tank has good breathability and great fit with knitted stripes down the side. 


Join Narmin while trying on Better Bodies clothing to give you thoughts and looks with different outfits and leggings. 


Look great, feel great then perform great in the gym and repeat!

Narmin Assria is at Better Bodies headquarters doing a try on video to give you all feedback on how all of her favorite leggings and tops fit, what she likes about each garment, special features, looks and what to layer.

Narmin is preparing for a super active 2020 with her return to competition and and over haul of amazing content including training, competition coverage and lifestyle... stay tuned!