5 Day Cortibloc Trial Pack

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See what all the buzz is about! 

You will receive a am/pm pill organizer to complete a 5 day trial of Cortibloc. 

Recommended Use:

Lunch: 1 Pill

Bedtime: 2 Pills

Suggested tracking method, weigh in the first day of trail in the morning (undressed) for best tracking. At the end of trial, day 6, weigh in again. Then post about it! 😊


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kim Eden

It makes me feel really good. Clear head. No brain fog. Just over all great. I bought a bottle abs my BF in CO ordered a bottle.

Question—- thee bottle I got has 120 pills and online she got 60. Is there a difference??
I can’t wait for her to get on them

Elizabeth Swisher
Cortibloc review

I am so glad I tried this! In the 5 day trial, I lost 7 pounds along with diet and exercise. It did everything it said it would! Highly recommend!!!