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The Ascended God of the Gym

The thunder of iron clashing deafens the ears. The calloused hands grip in agony and as they finally release the incomprehensible weight. The breath leaves the lungs, as the body falls into ecstasy once again from being pushed to its absolute limits. The God of the Gym still requires MORE from you! MORE strength, MORE intensity, MORE focus! There is no such thing as enough! Evolve or step aside for those ready to take on the battle for gym supremacy. 

Arez, the God of the Gym has ascended into a new, higher form - so you can meet his challenge of obtaining “forever more”. The original formula used everything available during its inception to bring about extreme pump, energy, and focus; guaranteeing a skin tearing and jaw clenching session for every workout thrown at it. 

Through painstaking research, testing, and scouring of the earth for the greatest ergogenics, Arez “God the Gym” has evolved to its NEXT form. It's here to provide you with even MORE pump, MORE endurance, MORE strength, and MORE god-like energy than ever. 

THIS is Arez Super (スーパー), and it's here to bring absolute domination to the battleground of the gym. The newly evolved Arez Super (スーパー) is designed to cover all essential factors to take your workouts to levels never thought attainable. 

Super (スーパー)-Human Pump Matrix 

The legendary L-Citrulline in its purified form, a 2:1 ratio of Citrulline DL-Malate, and the highest quality Watermelon Powder form lay the foundation for massive endurance and continuous vascularity and myocellular swole. These tried and true ingredients help to recycle arginine and amplify nitric oxide channels for peak blood flow through any length of workout. Delivering that much needed oxygen to the deep muscle bellies. Watermelon Powder naturally yields L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Vitamin-C, making it’s stake in the WATER-PUMP™ matrix just as important!

The revolution of Pump and a blessing from the God of the Gym comes from the newly innovated Supra-Thorn™ a blend of nitric oxide potentiating ingredients meant to take muscle swelling to the most extreme levels. Providing massive endurance benefits while retaining the fullness that motivates every rep as you stare in the mirror resting between sets.

With added Niacin in the mix to upregulate nitric oxide synthase; it completes the cycle of pump, and guarantees the cell swelling every gym warrior needs to keep up the barrage of self induced punishment.

Crash-Proof Endurance 

Another tried and true ingredient, Beta Alanine stands tall as its effect in decreasing intramuscular lactic acid assist to keep the reps cranking and putting off muscle failure so valuable time under tension is maximized to stimulate the most optimal of gains. 1,2 

Supporting Beta Alanine is the clinically studied PeakO2TM complex, with its ability to increase time to exhaustion, amp up VO2 max, and increase power output being among only a few of its massive benefits. PeakO2TM certainly is a significant piece of Arez Super’s (スーパー) new found power. PeakO2TM helps take physical effort to the extremes every workout as you dig into sources of energy deep within the muscles never accessed before. 3,4

Furthering this resistance to fatigue is the rare species of Rhodiola known as crenulata, found in the harshest environments of the Siberian Peninsula. This form has been shown to have the same anti-fatigue and endurance boosting properties as its cousin Rhodiola Rosea, but containing more active alkaloids 5. It also works synergistically with the energy and nootropic ingredients in Arez Super (スーパー)(see below) 

God-Like Energy Surge

The combination of methylxanthines: Caffeine Anhydrous, and InfinergyTM offers unparalleled access to controlled destruction of any former limits that held you back from achieving complete domination at the gym. Whether its early mornings or after a long day’s work, Arez Super (スーパー) contains ample doses of each to lift your spirits and lead you to victory over your current 1RM’s and workout goals. 

To harness the berserker in you the additions of Nelumbo nucifera, Yohimbine HCL and Rauwolscine are added to the energy matrix, both amplifying the effectiveness of other stimulants and maximizing the use of fat as an energy source to guarantee lean gains along with massive strength increases. 6,7

In addition, the ingredient GBBgo is a pro l-carnitine potentiator that nets all the benefits of l-carnitine with a kick of body heat and sweat to ensure you are warmed up and maximizing fat utilization even further, deep into your workouts, as well as, detering fat accumulation in the post workout window as you indulge in meals of triumph. The gains must be lean when seeking the Adonis like torso every gym goer is reaching for, and Arez Super (スーパー) provides the means to keep the gains very clean, and very lean. 

All together you will enter the battle ready state needed for the destruction of your former self achieving the same ascension that Arez itself has attained. 


Euphocus™ Cognition Matrix 


At times the mental fortitude from stress, life, and the prolonged determination of achieving gym supremacy can wear on the mind of even the most courageous of warriors. Arez Super (スーパー) combats this with a curated selection of the best nootropics available. A special blend of cholinergics called Cholinace TM synergizes acetylcholine enhancing properties to bring the cholinergic system to its max potentiation, increasing mind and muscle connection to even higher bandwidths. Becoming one with the iron as it lifts effortlessly in your hands. 


With L-dopa there to supply essential precursors for the dopaminergic system the loss of focus or energy crash will be non-existent, even as you cruise into the tail end of the longest workouts. This stacked with the foundational L-Tyrosine for even more precursor pools for the dopaminergic and norepinephrine channels strengthens resolve against adrenal burnout that can follow intense stimulant use and extreme resistance training. 

Lastly, the serotonergic and dopaminergic Sacred Lotus (Nucifera nucifera) maximizes mood, euphoria, and synergizes with the cholinergics to amplify mind muscle connection further while inspiring the unstoppable mindset of an enlightened warrior. 

The Battle Awaits

Arez Super (スーパー) is your weapon to wield as you see fit. The gift of the evolved God of the Gym is here to take you to the gates of Mount Olympus itself, and empower you to ascend to the Hall of Gym Legends. All you have to do is accept the God of the Gym’s challenge, and offer the great sacrifice of never settling for enough. “Forever MORE” awaits you!