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The Solution is Here!

Are you tired of hormonal acne? Need a boost in your mood and metabolism? Trying to grow strong healthy hair and nails? All of the above? FoxyFit Essential Balance is the solution. A product you can trust created with ingredients that work to restore hormonal balance.

A Girl's Best Friend

Now you can restore hormonal balance and say goodbye to irregular, heavy periods, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, and hormonal acne with Essential Balance. We're telling you, this is really a girl's best friend. If you suffer from hormonal acne, you know there's no easy fix and how annoying it can be. Or maybe you could use some relief during your menstrual cycle from cramps and irregularity. Essential Balance also supports weight-loss by improving your blood sugar levels and mitigating estrogen dominance. Too much estrogen can lead to irregular, heavy periods, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, and hormonal acne.

Ingredients Make all the Difference

We wanted to make a full transparency supplement to restore hormonal balance and address many of the battles we face every day. With so many choices out there and confusing ingredients, a girl can get easily overwhelmed. Which is why we know how important it is to know what goes into your body. You're worth it and deserve the best with Essential Balance. Continue reading below for a breakdown of the ingredients and their benefits!

Biotin (10,000mcg)

Promotes healthier hair growth, glowing skin, and stronger nails.*

Chromium TRAACs (120mcg)

Improves insulin sensitivity and metabolism.*

Myo-Inositol (2000mg)

Restores ovarian function, improves fertility, regulates your menstrual cycle, and helps you body to use insulin effectively.*

L-glutathione (250mg)

Protects against oxidative stress, supports your immune system and liver detoxification.*

Diindolylmethane (DIM 150mg)

Restores healthy hormone balance of estrogen, improves mood, and promotes clear skin.*

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA 100mg)

Supports blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation, and improves nerve function.*


BioPerine (5mg)

Increases bio-availability of nutrients and enhances absorption of whole food and supplements.*