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This stack is designed to help you get everything you need to be successful in your goals. With increased metabolism, increased energy, help with sugary cravings, natural forms to help your body shuttle fat as energy and help minimize fat deposits. With a loaded liquid vitamin to help with overall body functions, metabolism, immune system, clarity, and recovery. A value of over $130 but a huge discount to go with our FREE Beginners 4 Weeks of Fitness and Meal Plans to Success.

Includes Daily Health

VIT-ACELL™ is a high potency and great tasting way to get your daily nutrition in a liquid delivery. With all 13 essential vitamins and over 15 major, trace and ultra-trace minerals, beneficial antioxidants and other key nutraceuticals, VIT-ACELL™ provides you with everything you need to support overall health and wellness, athletic performance, muscle growth, and recovery. Price 39.99

  • Fast Acting Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  • Super Food Blend
  • Vegetarin Glucosamine for Joint Support
  • Supports Healthy Brain & Nervous System
  • Enhance Energy
Includes Proven Thermogenic 

Phena-Lean has a superior blend of ingredients and fast release technology, provides powerful all day energy to help support your weightloss goals. Paradoxine and Lean GBB triggers thermogensis and decease body fat. Get ready to sweat, burn calories, and drop water weight. Increase focus, energy, blood flow, metabolism and decrease fatigue and upset stomach. 

Includes Natural Detox

Cleanse & Lean offers you a solution to your digestive issues as well as a way to remove excess water and waste from your body. You workout hard to build your body and you want to be able to see the results every day, that’s what Cleanse & Lean can do.

Often stress, poor diet, and every day issues affect our body’s ability to deal with excess fluid and waste causing numerous problems. Cleanse & Lean addresses the bloating or excess water that many of us hold just under our skin, in our hips, abs, legs, and feet. Cleanse & Lean helps you naturally release this excess fluid and flush it from your system helping you drop weight and lean up.

Cleanse & Lean also helps promote regularity. Regularity is essential for your health. If you’re backed up then Cleanse & Lean will help you get back on track and, in the process, enable your body to absorb more nutrients, grow more muscle, and lose more weight.†

Includes CLA 

uses premium grade 80% Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Naturally derived from Safflower Oil, CLA80 FEMME provides 80% of the key isomers that scientifically suggests to improve body composition, decrease body fat and improve body shape.

CLA has been found to promote the body's natural fat metabolism making it easier to get your body in shape. Several studies investigating the effects of CLA on weight management and body composition suggest this. Studies suggest that supplementation with CLA aids in weight management by promoting fat loss. When weight is gained, or regained after a diet, CLA may help inhibit the growth of fat cells improving the shape of the body.

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