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Advanced Instamino BCAAs 5 grams of Vegan InstaAmino™ BCAAs Per Serving Supports Lean Mass Growth & Recovery* Decreases Post Exercise Soreness* Improves Glucose Uptake & Insulin Sensitivity* Mixes Easy With No Residue/Delicious Flavors 30 Servings Per Container Description Ingredients FAQs References BCAA is a cutting-edge formula combining the best amino acids for muscle growth with anabolic botanicals to supercharge your gains! 5 grams of fermented, vegan-friendly, branched-chain amino acids at a 2:1:1 ratio are packed into every scoop, so that each amino acid is dosed properly to work synergistically for maximal growth. Additionally, the brassinosteroid laxogenin is a plant-based molecule with a similar chemical structure to synthetic steroids, and provides profound muscle benefits. Branched-chain amino acids: signals for muscle growth by maximizing muscle protein synthesis Laxogenin: a brassinosteroid that has proven benefits for muscle growth, similar to some anabolic steroids Electrolytes: minerals that are lost in sweat and are essential for muscular contraction and neurotransmission After a muscle-tearing workout, recovery is mandatory and requires the right fuel. Not only will BCAA provide the electrolytes, hydration, and amino acids that need to be replenished, but it will create an anabolic environment for optimal muscular growth. Maximize your gains with the plant-based performance of BCAA!