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Give your diet a 1-2 punch with the Lipo Charge weight loss solution! Featuring two of the most powerful weight loss products in the supplement industry, the Lipo Charge pack will kick your weight loss into high gear and help you achieve the body you've always dreamed of. 


1x Lipo-Hack - a powerful stimulant based fat burner that helps you burn fat by putting your body in a state of thermogenesis (burning extra calories by raising body temperature). Lipo Hack also gives extreme energy to help you push through your toughest workouts and curbs your appetite to help prevent excess eating from hunger. 

1x Lipo-Shift - The perfect weight loss stacking solution. A non-stimulant fat burner that is ideally combined with Lipo-Hack or taken as a stand-alone solution. Enhance your fat burning potential with Lipo-Shift. 

Anybody who has even tried to get shredded (Not just LEAN, I mean ripped to shreds) knows it is quite an undertaking. The professionals have mastered it. They take numerous items to burn fat from all possible angles. Just like a boxer who will attack his opponent with multiple different style punches. That is what NTEL Pharma Lipo H4CK does; it launches a multi-dimensional warfare on your fat to the point where your fat stores are being attacked from every angle with no escape. Lipo H4CK provides you with 14 potent and active ingredients to use for your fight to get super lean all working synergistically to: Preserve Lean Muscle Increase Thyroid Output Control Appetite Rapidly Reduce Body Fat Also included is a Crash Prevention Matrix to keep your mood and energy levels up!


Ntel Pharma jumps into the weight loss sleep aid game with the release of Lipo Shift.  Not many supplements are designed to aid in fat burning overnight, but can be a game changer for shedding those last couple pounds of body fat.  During periods of extreme dieting, sleeping becomes increasingly difficult as well.  Getting less sleep however negatively affects your metabolism.  Lipo Shift is aiding in two very different areas of both sleep and weight loss.

Lipo Shift is a non-stimulant fat burner that will help you release and allow you to rest and get a deeper level of sleep.   L-Theanine, and GABA aid in releasing serotonin and calming relaxing your body to put it in more of a relaxed state prior to bed   Melatonin will ensure you’re getting a deeper and restful sleep.

L-Carnitine, Hoodie Gordonii, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and Raspberry Keytones all aid in boosting your metabolism.  You will not receive any kind of stimulant effect from this.  It’s priming your body to make the most of the nutrients your body is still absorbing while sleeping and helping your body recover for the following day.

Product Highlights:

  • Two in one: fat burner and sleep aid
  • Non-stimulant
  • Boost your metabolism to burn body fat
  • Designed to relax your body for a well-rested and deeper sleep to aid in recovery


Dieting to get a lean physique is one thing, but to get truly shredded is an incredibly difficult task for most. Professionals have it mastered but getting ripped to shreds takes everything it takes to be in order. NTEL Pharma Lipo H4ck takes care of this from the supplemental side. Attacking multiple pathways to ensure fat stores are being burned off, this is a true fat burning supplement that is hitting every possible angle.

Made up of 14 active and potent ingredients with clinical backed research will have you achieving the best physique you’ve ever thought possible. The ingredients in Lipo H4ck synergistically work together to not only melt fat, but preserve lean muscle mass and control your appetite. The diet may still be tough, but Lipo H4ck will be that added factor to make life much easier.

You don’t have to worry about mid-day crashing as Lipo H4ck has a Crash Prevention Matrix that will maintain energy levels and mood all throughout the day.

Product Highlights:

  • Preserve lean muscle mass
  • Increase thyroid output
  • Control appetite
  • Rapidly reduce body fat

Ingredient Breakdown:

  • Vitamin C - Researchers at Arizona State University concluded that there is a direct link between your body's ability to burn fat and the amount of Vitamin C in your blood stream.
  • Vitamin B6- This B vitamin aids in fat loss by helping to convert carbohydrates into fuel instead of remaining unused and stored as adipose tissue (fat).
  • Folate (folic acid) - Folate also known as Vitamin B-9 simply put- increases your metabolic rate so your body burns calories at a higher speed.
  • Vitamin B12 - Not only does this B vitamin boost your metabolism helping you to burn fat faster, it gives you great natural energy while converting fats to usable energy.
  • Vitamin B5 - Also known as Pantothenic Acid, this B vitamin breaks down carbohydrates and fats- two main sources of weight gain.
  • 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) - This is one of the newest, innovative fat loss stimulants to hit the market. NTEL Pharma only wants to give you the biggest and best fat burners on the market and this is one of them! DMHA gives you a surge of energy, but wait- not just regular energy, but EURPHORIC energy! You read right, DMHA gives you euphoric energy elevating your mood, suppressing your appetite, and providing a major assault on your fat quickly working to give you the body composition you are working hard for.
  • 3,5 Diido-L-Thyronine (T-2) - You do know that a great fat burner is not just stimulants right? Of course not! T-2 is a thyroid hormone that GREATLY impacts your thyroid output- turning your metabolism into the next gear up. Your thyroid is the master control switch (if you will) that determines the rate in which your body burns calories. Increase thyroid hormones and you increase weightloss!
  • 1,3,5 Trimethylxanthine- The most tried and proven-true-to-work for mental alertness, focus and concentration, and fat loss is caffeine. In each 2 capsule dose of Lipo H4CK you will find 250 milligrams (not too high and not too low), and just perfect to induce hardcore thermogenesis to aid in fat loss.
  • Green Tea Extract- Within Green Tea is a precious and super powerful fat burner called EGCG. This component of Green Tea is one of the most trusted and relied on item to crank up thermogenesis! Not only does it but fat like crazy, but also provides super antioxidant protect keeping you healthy while you are dieting. Green Tea is also known to reduce appetite.
  • Alpha GPC- This popular and powerful ingredient increases focus, boosts Growth Hormone (which in turn burns even more fat), and is the perfect weapon in your arsenal to shred stubborn and what is called "trapped fat!" This what you need for all that fat that seems like it is impossible to get rid of and seems like it is the last place to come off.
  • Synephrine HCL- This was actually the first big replacement to one of the best fat burners on the market. Once the alkaloid became illegal in supplements, Synephrine was the primary successor because of its superb ability to sizzle off fat. This ingredients works even better in combination with caffeine.
  • Hordenine HCL- This is definitely classified as an extreme fat burner! This is truly a multi-faceted product. It boosts cognitive and performance ability, decreases appetite, provides motivating energy, plus opens up your lungs so you can take your cardio and training to the next level without being so winded!
  • Crash Prevention Matrix with L-Dopa - You need to REMAIN energized and in a good mood and the last thing you need is a crash. Those are the exact reasons Lipo H4CK has included this unique matrix; to ease you off stimulants and to KEEP leave you with good energy and a great mood. In combination with other ingredients, the matrix contains L-Dopa raising your "feel good" dopamine hormone so you remain in a good mood and satisfied. Raising dopamine also suppresses your appetite even further.


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