Muscle Test, Testosterone Booster, All Natural (180 Capsules)

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Muscle test by American Metabolix is one of our most popular free testosterone products to date.This product is based on clinically researched ingredients that stimulate the luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for the production of free testosterone.

This product helps you be at optimal testosterone and GH levels. While also decreasing estrogenic effects and stress hormones in the body. This products boosts your Free "T" so there is no reason to worry about side affects or negative affects of prolonged use.
Users will feel boost in their drive in the gym and bedroom. Suggested use 8-12 weeks.

Bring Your Best, And Nothing Less

Accept nothing less than feeling your absolute best, with Muscle Test, the testosterone supplement containing proven, scientifically dosed ingredients in proprietary blends. Support testosterone production levels, lean muscle building, and a robust, healthy libido with key ingredients meticulously dosed for max efficacy. Quite simply, Muscle Test is the men’s testosterone supplement specifically designed to elevate your performance, physique, and mood.