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Alchemy Labs OxyStim Pro - Fat Burner

Alchemy Labs Oxystim Pro is the ultimate weight loss supplement for anyone looking to shape-up, tone, and control a wild appetite. When formulating this powerful weight loss supplement, we used high quality ingredients that focus on boosting sluggish metabolisms, stopping spontaneous and uncontrollable food cravings, and giving you sustainable energy. Oxystim Pro is the perfect weight loss supplement to add into any fat loss supplement stack.*


Experience Oxystim Pro:

  • Improved energy & mood*
  • Accelerated Metabolic rate*
  • Healthy body composition*
  • Weight Loss*
  • Appetite control*

Manufactured In-House To Guarantee Quality & Your Safety

When you buy an Alchemy Labs product, you have the promise that each one of formula's are carefully manufactured in house in our FDA registered facility. We follow strict guidelines to ensure you get the highest quality & strongest supplements available. Our products will never contain banned ingredients, and take pride in developing formulas that work for any level athlete.


Phenylenthylamine HCL (Beta PEA) - Phenylenthylamine actives a receptor called (TAAR-1). Research suggest it can be extremely important to proper mood, cognitive function and metal alertness. Phenylenthylamine may promote a positive mood and lead to greater senses of well-being.*

Caffeine - Caffeine has been confirmed that it can improve muscular endurance, power, and improve energy levels. New studies are starting to show that caffeine may have a thermogenic effect on the body & can assist in boosting metabolic activity.*

Theobromine - Research is showing that Theobromine may help improve insulin sensitivity which is a big contributing factor in controlling weight. Also, Theobromine acts as a light stimulant and has mood elevating properties.*

L-Theanine - Research suggest that L-Theanine has a calming effect on the body and when combined with caffeine it may promote higher levels of focus, thermogenesis, and mood.*

Hordenine HCL - New research is suggesting that Hordenine HCL has promising effects in increasing metabolism and enhance fat burning capacity. Hordenine HCL is commonly known for it Nootropic like effects to boost energy levels, and boost productivity levels.*

Synepherine HCL - Studies support that synepherine may help reduce appetite, increase fat burning, metabolism and boost energy levels. Industry consensus has deemed it as the modern day Ephedra.*

Rauwolscine - Also, known as Alpha Yohimbine, functions as a alpha receptor antagonist & the most potent form of Yohimbine. Research suggest that is can assist in weight loss and has mood elevating properties.*

Yohimbine HCL - Is a very popular bodybuilding supplement and often used to aid in weight loss, and help increase blood flow.*


As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule of OXYSTIM PRO in the morning with food. You can take an additional capsule mid-day.


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