HAVOC/STIM; **LIMITED EDITION** Premium Preworkout; Blackmarket

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"After hours of work with American Metabolix, we proudly offer Havok x STIM this is a product that will have you PUMPED all through summer! "


"STIM: Pre-Workout STIM is different. Intensity is the game plan, the road map, the strategy for success and all rules were broken when constructing STIM. Not Bulk. Not Cuts - This is a new type of stimulant with euphoria, uniquely formulated for your mind to help achieve mental clarity with energy to spare. This is not a reformulation, this a new kind of product - built from the ground up.* Loaded with 3.2 grams of Beta-Alanine and a heavy dosage of caffeine, STIM is also introducing a new lineup of both stimulant and mental focus ingredients. Huperzine A for mental stimulation that supports enhanced cognitive function. Yohimbine is a stimulant that also help with focus.* For those who train for the results, the experience, and the feeling.* The formula is different. The feeling is different"


"Over the last 2 years, our team of scientists have been working closely with our athletes developing a pre-workout that offers intense, sustained, energy without the jitters. They expertly designed this product to also increase mental focus while improving athletic performance and endurance, thus increasing your capacity to exercise and build lean muscle."