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TRIAD MASS Extreme Pro Hormone

TRIAD MASS is our Extreme Bulking Formula that stands as a leader in the legal pro-hormone space. Every ingredient inside TRIAD MASS is designed to synergistically help you gain insane strength, and blast past any mass building goal you have.*

At Alchemy Labs we believe in maximizing each ingredient in our supplements to enhance results. We engineered Rocket Delivery™ as a state-of-the-art supplement delivery system that is designed to maximize absorption!

One of the long time issues with Andro-based pro hormones has been the ability to pass the first pass of the liver. Which has been fixed and made Alchemy Labs pro hormones stand out among the rest.*

If your goal is to build mass and overall take your training to new heights, get TRIAD MASS for yourself today.*


  • Quality Muscle Mass*
  • Extreme Strength Gains*
  • Enhanced Alpha Male Feeling*
  • Alpha Male Sex Drive & Libido*

Who Should Take Triad Mass?

  • Anyone looking to pack on serious muscle mass*
  • Anyone looking to run a safe anabolic cycle*
  • Anyone looking to increase strength & build muscle*
  • Anyone looking for a safer alternative to sarms, or other harsh anabolics*

Why TRIAD MASS Was Formulated:

  • To be one of the strongest legal pro-hormones in the market for putting on sheer mass*
  • For guys who are looking to take their training to the next level*
  • As the safest anabolic option for guys who don't want to put harmful drugs in their bodies*

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