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VOODOO your little sisters under-dosed unicorn / clown pre-workout NOW!

Black Magic Supply brings you a super premium pre-workout from the other side...

Tunnel vision and off the wall energy!

BZRK™ supreme pre-workout will have you feeling psychoactive waves the moment you land in the gym..

Each handcrafted scoop of BZRK™ contains potent ingredients that will give you the power to blast through any workout ahead..

Tested for purity, pumps and energy.

Beyond BZRK: Limited Black Magic VOODOO Edition – 2022’s Grim Aether

The rumors are true – Black Magic Supply has released a second 2022 version of their hit BZRK pre workout — a repeat limited-edition product called BZRK Voodoo! This year’s first flavor was Mad Sour Melons, but the second of the year is Grim Aether, and the formula is wild.

Black Magic Supply is back for another 2022 version of their epic BZRK Voodoo, now available in Grim Aether flavor!

This one packs more energy and more citrulline, and does it in a fresh and unique way. Get ready, because a single scoop is strong:

  • 400 milligrams of total caffeine
  • Quadruple choline upregulation stack
  • NeuroFactor, tyrosine, and added PEA for brain booming focus
  • Added pumps with NitroRocket
  • Senolytic support from NuLiv Science’s Senactiv

And some of our readers may be excited about what’s not in here:

  • No beta alanine
  • No alpha yohimbine

That means no tingles and no cold sweats — but tons of energy still packed inside.

This is a unique one, and a great way to try Senactiv and NitroRocket with a heavy hit of caffeine to see how you fly through your workouts.

Citrulline Malate – 10,000 mg

Black Magic Supply BZRK Voodoo 2022 Grim Aether Ingredients


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