Body Fat Calculator

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Screw the number on the scale! What is your body fat percentage?

If your an athlete or someone just trying to be healthy the scale can often be leading. Along with those old BMI charts that often state that women and men that are mostly muscle are overweight. 

Within my own fit life and years of training others the most important number was the amount of body fat we were carrying. I myself, used to be 135lbs with 30% body fat. To this day I am 145lbs with 21% body fat. If all I had cared about was the number on that scale I might be highly disappointed. But, knowing I was a size 10 and now size 2, curvy and solid. I am here to say "DON'T RELY ON THE SCALE"

Tracking your body fat percentage is important. I would say, more important than tracking your weight. But how do we know or track our body fat?

These days its easy to get your hands on digital scales that are body fat analyzers. Most can be cost efficient. While there is many debates on what is the most accurate, for tracking purposes, just choose one and let the numbers guide you. The same debate goes for fat calipers, handheld vs stand on digital scales, mechanical scales, or even the body fat calculator below. The important part is getting a close enough number and using the same calculating system to keep track. While not exact, it will give you a good estimate and you will be able to track the increase and decrease of body fat. 

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And yes, body fat calculators are different for men and women. They utilize different formulas. So be sure to include your sex. Also, most scales  that measure body fat includes an “athlete mode,” which uses a different algorithm to determine metrics. This is because athletic bodies tend to have more muscle mass and different hydration levels, which affect body fat readings.