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The Flavor Gang Bowl O' Gainz

  • Hot Rice Cereal
  • Made with Delicious Flavors We Enjoy Ourselves
  • Small Batched for Superior Quality
Brownie Batter- Remember when you were a kid and always made brownies with your mum? Always begging to lick the batter off the spatula. Well now, you can revisit those fine memories with every meal!
Peaches & Cream-Popping with peach flavor and a creamy texture that would make you want to eat it for every meal.
Grammy's Strawberry Candy-Remember when you were a kid and your grandmother always had those weird strawberry candies?now you can enjoy that same strawberry candy flavor whenever you crave it!
Birthday Cake-Finally, we have a reason to celebrate our birthday, every day. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, and even in your birthday suit....
Crackberry- You’ll Find the flavor resembles a popular childhood crunchy cereal.
Cream Pie- Creamy, sweet, velvety, and full of flavor. Add some berries or NUT butter and you’re good to go.
Plain Jane-with the Plain Jane Bowl o’ Gainz mix whatever you want in it! We promise we won’t get upset!