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Achieve Divine Results with I AM GOD™

More often than not, your modern-day pre-workout supplement is nothing more than some caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. The only difference is that it tastes worse than the coffee. Whether you want size, strength, or power in the weight room, you need more than a quick buzz if you want to perform your best. You need the power of a god. Introducing I AM GOD™. I AM GOD™ is not your typical pre-workout supplement. It’s not for amateurs. One serving contains over 9 grams of the most powerful pre-workout ingredients known to man.

Science Behind I Am God

Like a madman in a laboratory, the founder of Insane Lab handcrafted this divine supplement to be the perfect pre-workout choice. Let’s breakdown the science behind this other worldly supplement.


Preparing your body for a workout goes beyond amping up your brain with stimulants. You need to provide your muscles with the right fuel to ensure next-level performance and results. Creatine monohydrate is the ideal pre-workout fuel for your muscles. Creatine converts into a compound called adenosine triphosphate, better known as ATP. During your workouts, your muscles need fast fuel, and that’s where ATP comes into play. Studies show that creatine supplementation can improve your maximum power output and performance by up to 15%. More weight being pushed and more reps being pumped out means better results.


Commonly known as DMAE, this anti-aging compound is also a powerful pre-workout ingredient. DMAE can help your workout in two key ways: First, it’s considered a nootropic, or brain boosting supplement. It’s been suggested to play an important role in improving focus and memory. It’s also being considered as a natural preventative measure against Alzheimer’s disease. As a nootropic, DMAE can help you get in the zone during your workouts, improving your mind to muscle connection, which is key for hypertrophy. Second, DMAE can help to reduce the mental fatigue of your workout. We’ve all been at the halfway point with that temptation to throw in the towel early. DMAE helps to increase attention span and focus and many user reports echo the same benefit of feeling more connected to the workout, not mentally drained.


A common mistake of other pre-workout supplements is the focus on making the mind and muscle go into overdrive. This inevitably leads to burnout and that dreaded crash. I AM GOD™ contains L-Taurine, an amino acid that has been scientifically proven to protect your muscle and performance. One study showed that L-Taurine was effective in preventing oxidative stress, protein catabolism (breakdown), and muscle fatigue during insanely intense workouts. Why does this matter? When you’re after muscle and strength, it’s necessary to tear down the muscle so it can build back up bigger and better than before. However, when you overdo it, you risk muscle wasting. Protecting your muscle from breakdown and fatigue can mean long-lasting performance and better results with no risk of catabolism.


It’s not enough to include caffeine in a pre-workout, you need the right type of caffeine. What you’ll typically find in lower quality pre-workout is caffeine anhydrous. It’s okay if you want average performance. Caffeine citrate, on the other hand, is a rapidly digesting and highly bioavailable form of caffeine that is going to kick in fast and push you to new levels of performance. Caffeine citrate has been shown in study after study to be an effective nootropic, or brain boosting ingredient. It amplifies attention, focus, and reaction time. It’s also used as an energy booster, helping to skyrocket your workout.


What makes a great supplement even better? A synergistic relationship between all of the ingredients. Ampiberry is the ingredient that binds all of the other compounds together while amplifying their benefits. When Ampiberry is paired with other stimulants such as caffeine citrate and DMAE, it increases their energy boosting potential while smoothing out any of the perceived side effects that are common with extreme stimulants such as anxiousness. In other words, if your pre-workout doesn’t have Ampiberry, you’re not using it to its fullest potential. Lucky for you, I AM GOD™ is packed with Ampiberry so get ready to experience one hell of a heavenly pre-workout.

Who is I Am God Ideal For?

Not sure if you’re ready to handle I AM GOD™? If you’re in the following categories, this pre-workout supplement is going to ensure you crush your workouts and see the results you’ve been chasing.


Muscle hypertrophy is the foundation of bodybuilding. In order to make the muscle grow, you need to apply a fierce concentration on mind to muscle connection. Tear the muscle down and give it what it needs to build back up bigger than before. I AM GOD™ helps you maintain insane focus during your workouts. What’s more, it provides the muscle tissue with fuel to keep pushing heavier plates each set.


Similar to bodybuilders, powerlifters require an incredible amount of energy as they push up to 100% of their one-repetition maximum each and every workout. The last thing you’ll want is mental or physical fatigue robbing you of a new personal best. I AM GOD™ is loaded with scientifically proven ingredients to elevate your energy levels for the entire duration of your workout. No need to worry about a crash; just focus on moving more weight.


High intensity workouts are incredibly rewarding and insanely difficult. Whether you’re going for the long haul during a run or you’re trying CrossFit for the first time, you don’t want to be left in the dust. I AM GOD™ is a comprehensive pre-workout supplement that will ensure you’re firing on all cylinders during even the most intense workouts.

Have You Used I Am God?

If so, what benefits did you notice? Let us know in the reviews below!