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Nootropic & focus pre-workout

Lower stimulant formula & no beta alanine

4 trademarked ingredients

 Zero banned substances


KARMA is a well-rounded, lower stimulant, nootropic & focus heavy pre-workout that delivers a smooth release of energy, with no beta alanine for those who don’t like the skin tingling sensation. Karma is created for customers who want to keep their caffeine at a lower amount & want more nootropic & focus ingredients without any crash or tingling sensation. We did this through a formula that includes 4 trademarked ingredients, formulated by industry experts, a transparent label & zero banned substances.


 nooLVL is a patented, non-stimulant, nutritional ingredient that boosts cognitive performance and energy†† in athletes. nooLVL has been clinically studied to demonstrate its safety and efficacy.

PWR Pump Blend™
Our PWR Pump Blend is a blend of Sodium Nitrates and Betaine Nitrates which when combined create a highly effective, nitric oxide boosting blend of trademarked ingredients. NO3-T Nitrates are a trademarked form of sodium and Betaine which are many times more effective than their non-trademarked counterparts. This means you get the same level of nitric oxide boost in your system while uses ingredients that are less in volume and easier to consume.

Another ingredient in KARMA’s extremely potent Nootropic ingredient profile is Thinkamine™ which is a trademarked ingredient imported from Sweden. Thinkamine™ is one of the newest nootropics on the market and helps to increase mental focus, all while utilizing a different method of delivering the enhanced focus as compared to NooLVL and L-Tyrosine, so you get different ingredients, each delivering laser focus in different ways.

Is an extract of two adaptogenic herbs will longstanding history in traditional Chinese medicine. The constituents in these plants are suggested to selectively enhance the absorption of biomolecules by increasing intestinal permeability


L-tyrosine reduces the effects of stress and allows for greater mental focus and endurance while also improving memory and performance. L-tyrosine works to optimize the effectiveness of the energy and focus ingredients in KARMA

Caffeine Anhydrous

 Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate and energy expenditure and increases alertness and focus. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system by blocking adenosine, a neurotransmitter that normally causes a calming effect in the body

Green Tea Extract
Many studies have shown that green tea extract can promote weight loss, regulate blood sugar, disease prevention, and exercise recovery. Additionally, it assists in “smoothing” out the caffeine and energy profile of KARMA so that you get a super smooth, clean and crash-free experience each time you take it. 

Himalayan Pink Salt
Himalayan Pink Salt helps you maintain your body’s hydration by giving your system with trace minerals and electrolytes that you need to perform to your potential. Additionally, Pink Himalayan Salt helps with your body maintain electrolyte balance and helps your muscles contract.

Di Caffeine Malate
Di-Caffeine Malate works to replenishing the energy produced by caffeine, which helps to minimize the dreaded post-caffeine energy ‘crash’. It does this through a precise combination of caffeine and malic acid fused together using an ionic bond into a compound known as di-caffeine malate.