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Contains 60 Servings

L-Glutamine is commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to help in the recovery process. We enhanced our Glutamine product by adding l-Alanine to offer a superior endurance and recovery formula.

Glutamine is one of the most widely used ingredients for post-workout recovery. 

The issue with most of the Glutamine products available is that they only contain regular L-glutamine and nothing else. Plain L-Glutamine is decent for recovery, but it can be improved. Recently it was discovered that taking L-alanine with L-glutamine was superior over L-glutamine in isolation in animal models. 

So when it came time to formulate our Glutamine product we decided that a decent recovery was not enough and that we needed the best. Which is why we included L-Alanine to offer a superior overall Glutamine supplement. 

  • What are the suggested directions for using Core – L-Glutamine 5000?

    Mix 1 scoop with water or your favorite beverage and consume once a day.

    Will Core - L-Glutamine 5000 help me with after weight training muscle soreness?

    Yes, Core – L-Glutamine 5000 has been shown to aid in the recovery process.

    When should I take 5% Core - L-Glutamine 5000?

    You can take it either before or after your training session.

    Why is Core – L-Glutamine 5000 the best product within its category on the market?

    Not only do you get 5 grams of L-Glutamine, but you also get 250mgs of L-Alanine and 250mgs of N-Acetyl L-Glutamine.

    What is the optimal training style for people taking Core – L-Glutamine 5000?

    Core - L-Glutamine 5000 is great for muscle recovery, so anyone involved in any training style, specifically weight training will benefit.

    What 5% Nutrition® products can I stack with Core – L-Glutamine 5000?

    All Day You May®, Drink Sleep Grow®, any 5% Nutrition® pre-workout, Crea-TEN®, as well as all other 5% Nutrition® products

    Who can take Core – L-Glutamine 5000?

    Our supplements are designed to be safe for anyone over the age of eighteen years of age to consume.

    Do I need to cycle Core – L-Glutamine 5000?

    No, Core - L-Glutamine 5000 does not need to be cycled.