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Insane Labz® Redrum 

Get The Energy You Need To Murder Your Workout

Redrum is a shining example of a high quality, high-stim pre-workout formula. It doesn’t just load you up with caffeine; it powers your body and mind with scientifically-backed ingredients such as agmatine sulfate and AMPiberry™, while supporting nitric oxide production for a better pump. Redrum also increases your mental energy and physical performance with proven ingredients.

If you're tired of having to take multiple scoops of pre-workout, running out of energy before your cardio workout is worked out or tired of having three cups of coffee just to get going - give Redrum a try.  You won't be disappointed.



Science Behind Redrum

Why is REDRUM™ so effective? It comes down to the science behind each and every ingredient. You didn’t think we randomly threw things against the wall hoping they would stick, did you? Not a chance. 


Derived from the amino acid L-arginine, agmatine sulfate has become the must-use ingredient in the supplement world. Why?
First, it’s a potent nitric oxide booster. A study published in the Proceedings of the Association of American Physicians showed that agmatine sulfate could increase nitric oxide production, which is a big deal if you’re chasing after those vein-bulging pumps. More nitric oxide during your workouts might help you crank out more repetitions. At the very least, you’ll get a sick pump to show off. Second, agmatine sulfate will come in handy once the workout is over as well. A study published in Pain Medicine demonstrated that this pre-workout supplement can help reduce lower back pain. The implication here is that it could reduce post-workout soreness and pain.


A common mistake of other pre-workout supplements is the focus on making the mind and muscle go into overdrive. This inevitably leads to burnout and that dreaded crash. Redrum™ contains L-Taurine, an amino acid that has been scientifically proven to protect your muscle and performance. One study showed that L-Taurine was effective in preventing oxidative stress, protein catabolism (breakdown), and muscle fatigue during insanely intense workouts. Why does this matter? When you’re after muscle and strength, it’s necessary to tear down the muscle so it can build back up bigger and better than before. However, when you overdo it, you risk muscle wasting. Protecting your muscle from breakdown and fatigue can mean long-lasting performance and better results with no risk of catabolism. 


Another must-have for your pre-workout supplement, beta alanine is more than a simple amino acid. It has been shown to enhance athletic performance in two key ways: endurance and strength. By improving the body’s delayed time to fatigue, beta alanine has shown itself to be great for your endurance levels. One study confirmed that subjects who were provided with a beta alanine supplement outperformed their placebo-taking counterparts. Beta alanine allowed the subjects to go through a high-intensity anaerobic workout longer than when they initially tested. In power-focused athletes, beta alanine can be a huge help. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, subjects supplementing with beta alanine and creatine showed significant increases in strength and fat metabolism when compared to those only taking creatine or a placebo. 


All of the ingredients in Pennywise are scientifically proven and extremely potent. Is there any way to make a great formula even better? The answer lies in Ampiberry. Ampiberry is considered a binding ingredient in that it helps all of the other ingredients in Pennywise perform at their best. Ampiberry has been shown to increase the bioavailability and performance of other stimulants such as caffeine and theacrine. It’s also been shown to alleviate common jitters and anxiousness associated with stimulants. If there’s one ingredient that brings the supplement together, it’s Ampiberry. 


The ingredient behind the name is fulvic acid. Haven’t heard much about it? We’re not surprised. Only recently have researchers discovered how fulvic acid can benefit your workouts and recovery. Fulvic acid can increase the delivery and assimilation of oxygen into muscle cells. Why does this matter? This means greater nutrient uptake and energy for your muscle tissue. Your body will be able to fully utilize the ingredients in REDRUM™. This is going to translate into better performance and potentially more reps and sets. This increase in oxygen in muscle cells has also been suggested to help with muscle recovery by removing lactic acid and carbon dioxide. 


Similar in structure and benefits to yohimbine, rauwolfia vomitoria is a highly potent energy booster and fat burner. Found in many thermogenic supplements, rauwolfia vomitoria has been shown to trigger a high level of fat oxidation. What about energy for your workout? Studies show that the cousin to yohimbine is capable of skyrocketing your energy levels and potentially increasing your alertness. Many users who take rauwolfia vomitoria prior to a workout report better performance and being “in the zone” for the duration of the workout. 


Di-caffeine malate is behind the name Infinergy. If this isn’t your first rodeo with a pre-workout supplement, you know all too well how caffeine makes up the foundation. Most brands will use a standard caffeine anhydrous. This is okay, but we wanted to do better. Di-caffeine malate is a mixture of traditional caffeine with malic acid. Why the blend? Di-caffeine malate has been shown to be superior in regards to digestion and assimilation when compared to plain old caffeine. What’s more, many users report no post-caffeine crash when using Infinergy. Now, let’s get to the real benefits of Infinergy. It has been shown to dramatically spike energy levels, increase focus, and boost athletic performance. One lesser known fact about caffeine is that it can help to reduce post-workout soreness and recovery. 


**FDA Disclaimer 

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