How to GROW your CHEST

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How to GROW your CHEST


WARNING: Your chest will grow

Today, I went along to the gym with Anthony and Zac. I asked if I could tag along to get some footage on their secrets of chest gains and strength.  These two strong guys look amazing year round even though they don't compete but live by the way of "the gym". Lifts were big and impressive from my stand point. So follow along for a chest day in the gym with Anthony & Zac


1. Dumbbell Bench Press

  1. Sit on the end of a bench with the dumbbells resting on your thighs, holding them with a strong grip in the center of the dumbbell grip .
  2. Lower yourself back and bring the dumbbells onto your chest, facing each other.
  3. Press the dumbbells up, so they are over your chest and your arms are almost straight. ...
  4. Don't hurt yourself but the last set should scare you....or you need more weight. 

Click here for video


2. Build Strength on Bench

  1.  Load bar with a weight you can normally hit at about 50-60%.
  2. You will need a partner, you will go to failure, then increase weight.  
  3. Full rep down to the chest, followed by a half rep. Your workout out partner will be using a foam roller or something roughly 4-6 inches in thickness to create new stopping point for you rep. This will use different parts of the muscle groups ensuring each part of your bench is building in strength. Watch Video.
  4. Do sets increasing in weight each set until you can only hit 2-3 reps. You do not want to hit 1RM today. This is building day.
Click here for video 

     3. Pyramid Bench

    Here you will be starting with a single rep that is roughly 80% off you 1 RM. You will continue to de-load the bar, one weight at a time while increasing reps. 

    1. Load bar with plates. The last plate you will load as a quarter, dime, dime.
    2. Bench for one rep. Remove 10's
    3. Bench for 2 reps remove 10"s
    4. Bench for 3 reps remove 25's add 10's
    5.  Bench for 4 reps remove 10's
    6. Bench for 5 reps or until failure. 

    Click here for video





      4. Incline Hex Press

    1. At about a 30 degree Incline you will lean back with dumbbells squeezed together. 
    2. This movement you will need the handles parallel to your knuckles and will be performed in central part of chest. Think symmetry here while lifting. 
    3. Extend upward while keeping dumbbells squeezed together. 
    4. Do as many reps as possible while increasing in weight each set. 3-4 sets

    Click here for video